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Im a sensitive yet kinda serious guy who likes street art such as hiphop and breakdancing...My favourite colour is purple, black, white, green...I practically have no friends...(don't care if i dont have any)...and Im not socially active...and i am not a funny guy(couldnt make girls laugh)'s a list of my fav stuff~~ $ street dance $ girls $ football $ american tv cartoon $ comedies $ latest technology $ extreme sports $ money(who does'nt?) last but not least $ ME!!!! (p.s: Ladies, Im available~~)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Yeah! you heard me!! 
first vlog!! (video log)
but this fucking blogger cant upload my video!! 
so instead..ill post at my facebook wall so you can see it! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

false alarm...

False alarm....only 2morro and the day after confirm no class...
next week still nt confirm...coz haven issue letter....=_=


hey wassup guys...
i never thought of posting something today...never thought had the time....
now i have the time coz school is H1N1 POSITIVE!!! 
yea...thats happen again...

confirm that 1 of the school teacher and her child got infected with the h1n1 disease...
and now 7 more students are confirmed with the virus....
its a pandemonium!!!! 

terrible~ terrible~ terrible~

oh ya~ almost forgot...
our school is shutting down from 3/2/2011 ~ 11/2/2011....
so basically we have 18 days of no school!!! (school holidays included) 
this info i got it first hand from my tuition teacher who contacted the school...
so...there you have it...only here on ryan's dull life....XD

thanks for coming to my blog!! 
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thx and u are welcome to leave any comments...

Friday, February 25, 2011

1st in 2011~

hey, wassssssup u guys?
can u believe it? another year just go by~ so fast~ too fast!

SO! lets c....this sitting for 
yay!!!! lol~ =_=
this year cant have fun~
need to start hitting d books~

alot of  new things happened this year....
hopefully for d better....

the biggest news~
wooohooo!!!! XD
wanna know who's d lucky gal? 
^stephanie wong jing yee~ a.k.a goldfish~ ^
 hot rite? XD
well, she's mine!! XD 

so that's one of d big achievements i had so far~ XD

wad else happen in 2011? let me think....
ah~ chinese new year...
the rabbit year...=_=

chinese new year is practically d same for me every year...
collecting ang pao~
drinking shandy~
playing fireworks~
same old..same old..
damn thats boring...=_=
no wonder my blog is call : "ryan's dull life"
ill post some of my cny pics if i have d time....

oh ya~ 
i was gonna start making my vlogs since last year~
but due to laziness...
no vlogs were made....><

brain shutting down...
cant think of anything else to write...><

thats it for now~ 
please leave your comments and opinions in d comment section below~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

long time no POST!

hey hey hey!!
wassup?! ntg? good...cos i don't care...haha...joking...

so...long have i posted jus to post something to pass the time.... i went to JUSCO so f**king bored with that place!! 
come on sunway...move to cheras!!! anyway... i went to jusco agn to watch


nice show..not bad..
my review: 

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

is a good movie that has impressed me once again but it has disappoint me because the movie had too much 
talking and not enough action...and the one that piss me off is the useless, annoying brat that is Eustace..the annoying cousin...he is a real pain in the ass and i would die if i had a cousin like give a 4 out of 5 star rating...
so... what do you think? 
leave your comments below...
btw...i find that i have no WTF am i posting this for?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6D gathering!!! It sucked!!!

FINALLY! i have the time to post pictures of the 6D gathering!!!
from left: david, chen xi

kah ming...

from left: david, chen xi, alvin ( still the same)

nicholas with a cock...oops...i meant coke...XD

the 2 gay bros... eric( black shirt) and....Alvin (white shirt)! 

yeah..the old blackline* members... except no amos...haiz...

we look nice~ except eric...haha...jk

all of us look the same....

juin hong and darren fkk~

lol...darren: milo ice satu tak mau milo! XD

the girls...zZzZzZz....

from left: chee jia jia (btw...she lied about her alvin..ur smart!) and crystal chong

jalan jalan~cari makan~jadi gemuk~ 

nw the best pic of them all... ^nicholas^ 
that look is lyk saying: hey ladies~ im available~

haha...ok...i had my fun...
ok.. nw seriously speaking... the gathering sucked!!! 
next time...we go sunway lagoon!! XD